Personal information about WFCS clients is only released with the consent of the client (after completing a Consent to Share Information form), except in the following circumstances, which are explained at intake:

  • Society personnel have a duty to report: suspicion of child abuse or neglect; and suspicion that a client poses a risk of harm to him/herself or to someone else.
  • WFCS will release information if directed to do so by the courts.
  • The referring authority has access to all details of service provision, including all elements of a client’s record.
  • Information may be shared with the direct service provider’s supervisor and members of the clinical team.
  • Clients’ case records may be reviewed for quality assurance purposes.

Clients have access to their records generated by WFCS except in cases when such access is judged to be detrimental to the safety of others. Decisions to refuse access are reviewed and approved by the WFCS Executive Director.

Records generated by third party or collateral service providers are not released to the client. Instead, the client is notified of their inclusion in their record, and assisted in obtaining them from the professionals or organizations that created them.

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