HiNeighbour Launch

In celebration of #Canada150 United Way’s Avenue of Change commenced a #HiNeighbour campaign of 150 days of growing neighborhood connections in Coquitlam River. This is a chance for neighbours, business, and community groups to lead, attend, and engage in mini-projects in your neighbourhood.

3 ways to participate:

1.   Lead a mini project, event, or activity in your neighbourhood

2.   Attend events held by your neighbours, local business, and community groups

3.   Engage on social media using the Hashtags: #HiNeighbour and #Canada150

Stay connected with on upcoming events through our Twitter (@AvesCoqRiv), Facebook (@UWAOCCoqRiver), Instagram (@AvesCoqRiv), and website (uwaoc.tricitiesecd.ca).


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July 1, 2017
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