In 1984, our agency was formed in response to the Provincial Government's move to privatize service. We were a group of 10 staff with a board of directors and together we built our philosophy and objectives. Simply put, our objective was and continues to be the strengthening of families so that they can function to the benefit of all their members.

Our philosophy was and continues to be that when we begin our work with the family, we assume they have a desire and commitment to care well for their children. It is assumed that it is both natural and desirable for children to grow up in their own families.

We assume that everyone does the best they can, given the resources available to them and the environmental stressors they face.

Between 1985 and 1989, five new programs were opened in the North Shore, Port Coquitlam, Ridge Meadows, and two in Vancouver.

Our organization became known for our work in providing Intensive Parenting Programs to the Vancouver and Fraser Region communities. We enjoyed a long period of stability and carried on our work proudly.

Our Agency constantly looked for new research on best practices and in partnership with United Way; we developed a standardized assessment tool to measure outcomes.

We are accredited with Council on Accreditation (COA) http://www.coanet.org

In 2002, we were successful in our bid to pilot the first Family Preservation Program in the North Shore. In 2003, our world began to change and face many challenges. In 2005, with respected partnerships, we were successful in our bids to provide Family Preservation and Reunification Services throughout our agency. Now with over 100 employees, we move into 2012 as our 28th year, known for our excellence in providing Family Preservation and Reunification Services, Clinical Counselling, Play Therapy, Supervised Access, Parent Child Interaction Therapy and our Family T.I.E.S. Program (fee for service). Our high employee retention and professional staff are at the forefront of our success.

We have succeeded in continuing to grow, develop and explore new modalities of service. We have succeeded because:

  • we provide effective, excellent service
  • we are flexible and adaptive
  • we are professional
  • we are accessible
  • we are culturally diverse
  • we stick to our core values and,
most of all, because our strength is in the skill and the passion of our board and staff to support and facilitate strengthening relationship between children & families and families & their communities.
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