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Kate Saunders - Clinical Supervisor

Kate Saunders has over 10 years of experience as a counsellor and parent educator, specializing in working with families and children who have experienced trauma.  Kate completed her BA in Child Youth Care and her MA in Counselling Psychology.  She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC.  She works therapeutically with individual children in play therapy and with parents and children together to address disruptive behaviors. Kate is a certified practitioner of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, one of the few empirically-valid treatments for disruptive behavior in young children.  Kate focusses particularly on supporting healthy attachment and emotional development with all of her clients.  Kate is currently accepting children, adults, and families in private practice.

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Bruce Macleod - Supervised Access Coordinator

Bruce attended training and a practicum placement in Supervised Access beginning in 1999. He was hired by East Vancouver Community Services Society in the Fall of that year and provided Supervised Access Work for the Vancouver MCFD offices at that time. In 2004, there was a restructuring of social services providers for BC, and Bruce was hired as an Access Worker at Network II to provide supervised access in the Lower Mainland on a part time basis. He joined Westcoast Family Resources Society in October 2004 as a fulltime Supervised Access Worker. In 2011, he became the Supervised Access Coordinator for the agency. In 2012, Bruce became the Assistant Program Director responsible for all matters pertaining to Supervised Access for Westcoast Family Centres-Vancouver Offices. Bruce is also one of WFC's Non-Violent Intervention stewards and staff trainer. He brings a friendly, calm demeanor to all his interactions, and has a way of using humor to ease challenging situations. 

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Mary Bohnen


Mary Bohnen is a Supervised Access Worker with Westcoast Family Centres and practices Strength-based Family Support in her Therapeutic Supervision role. Mary holds a UBC Certificate in Multicultural Counselling with 7 years of Supervised Access practice, 3 years in the Vancouver Police Department Victim Services Unit and 21 years of counselling depressed women in stressed families through the Pacific Post Partum Society. Mary has undergone extensive training in a broad range of social services areas, also having worked for 4 years as Activity Director in a Psycho-geriatric and Extended Care Hospital setting with hospital administration, patients and families.

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Gabriela Gutierrez 

Gabriela was a practicing counsellor in her home country of Mexico before deciding to move to Canada, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and became designated as a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) in British Columbia. Currently, Gabriela is a Family Counsellor for Westcoast Family Centres, where she works with individuals, couples, children, and families on a variety of concerns, including relationships, abuse, trauma, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Gabriela believes that people do the best they can with the tools they have. Therapy is about building an awareness and understanding of different aspects of oneself, so that the individual can learn more effective tools that will allow growth and change for the better.


Destinee Kreil


Destinee is a skilled clinical counsellor with experience in supporting children, youth, and families overcome various life challenges. Destinee has completed a Master’s of Counselling Psychology degree, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. Destinee’s education and clinical opportunities have allowed her the privilege of providing counselling to individuals and families struggling with such concerns as: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, self-harm behavior, self-esteem, family separation, gender and sexual identity, parenting, and abuse. Destinee is passionate about supporting and empowering clients to access their internal strengths, as she believes that all clients are capable of creating lasting changes in their lives. Destinee is dedicated to providing a non-judgmental and accepting therapeutic environment for all of her clients, as she views this as an essential component in helping clients feel safe to explore their challenges in order to promote healing and happiness. 


Vesna Miskin

Vesna Miskin has a diploma in Preschool Pedagogy from Yugoslavia and a Canadian Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is currently working on her Bachelor Degree in Child and Youth Care. Having worked with children and families in different capacities for 25 years, in Europe and in Canada, she believes in building bridges and connections between different individuals and cultures. She is passionate and honored to work with "Westcoast Families" as a Supervised Access Worker.

Colleen Neely

Colleen has worked with Westcoast Family Resources Society as a Supervised Access Worker since 2004.  She is certified in this capacity and has completed a practicum placement in this field. Colleen has enjoyed the many learning opportunities provided to her in areas such as attachment theory and human behavior. 

Colleen has also completed the Family Mediation courses at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She has been studying and practicing meditation since 1994, and currently teaches children and adults.  She believes that meditation helps her keep calm and her work is centered on families and children.     

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Henry Noronha

Henry joined Westcoast Family Centres Society in 2012 as a Workshop Facilitator in the Parenting After Separation Program. In the same year, he was hired as a Supervised Access Worker and continues to serve both roles. Henry completed his BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and holds a Life Skills and Wellness Coaching Certification. He enjoys working with children, parents, and groups. He is proud to be part of the Westcoast team.

Lori Sangha

Lori has been providing supportive and counselling services to children, youth, adults and families for over 25 years, in a variety of social services settings.  Along with a Master’s degree in counselling Lori has knowledge and training in a wide variety of areas, including critical stress management, parenting, child and family development, multicultural/diversity issues, grief and loss, healing from trauma, secondary trauma, teen challenges, life transitions, relationship conflicts, growth and resilience.  She is dedicated to providing a caring, safe and respectful therapeutic environment in her work with people of all ages and will tailor interventions to help meet the needs of each client.  Lori believes that solutions for life’s struggles can be discovered through a collaborative process that promotes greater self-awareness, meaning, and optimal conditions for success.     


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Zinat Sajadi

Zinat Sajadi is a Family and Individual counsellor with over 15 years of experience working collaboratively with families and children who have had concerns related to parent-children interaction. Zinat has completed her MA in Educational Psychology and is a Registered Professional Social Worker with Canadian College of Social Work and specialized in child welfare through University of British Columbia. 

Zinat’s work in the counselling field has included: Individual counselling, Couple counselling, Child & Youth counselling and Family counselling. She is experienced working with families and parents who are in need of a supportive and trusting therapeutic relationship to assist in resolving emotional and behavioral difficulties arising from traumatic experiences.  Some of the issues that bring people to family counselling include concerns about Communication issues, Behavioral issues, Violence, Mental Health, Addiction, Special Needs, Cultural Challenges and Life Transitions.




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