North Shore

Our centre on the North Shore provides intensive, in-home parent support and education programs to families and children (aged 0–18) in that community.

All programs are free of charge. To see our up to date schedule of dates, times and locations in your area, see our Events Calendar.

I am grateful to Westcoast and Canada for helping me feel less isolated. I know someone cares about me and my children.

These are services available to families in need of informal support through self-referral and referral by MCFD.Each family works with a Family Counsellor to develop their own set of goals. Community-based service is then provided for eight weeks and could include outreach and direct service, parent training and education and family violence interventions.Self-help, mutual aid and volunteer mentoring are also available.

No one wants to see a family in crisis. These services, available to families referred through MCFD, are designed to resolve issues that could result in a child being removed from their home and placed in foster care. We also help children who have been in home and out of home reconnect with their families.

They are assigned a Family Counsellor who can respond quickly if needed, provide therapeutic and educational interventions and connect the family to professional and community-based resources.

Associated services may include specialized supervised visitation, group-based parent training and education, specialized individual and group-based therapeutic interventions and self-help/mutual aid.

These services help family members develop the resources, goals and skills they need to keep their family together.

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