Our centre in the Tri-Cities provides intensive, in-home parent support and education programs to families and children (aged 0–15) in the Tri-Cities.

All programs are free of charge. To see our up to date schedule of dates, times and locations in your area, see our Events Calendar.

Westcoast kept me from falling apart and kept my family together.


Our Outreach Program offers home and community visits by a Family Support Worker who can show parents how to:

  • develop existing skills and strengths
  • set personal and family goals
  • focus on their own needs as well as their children's
  • find resources and support within their community

We also keep track of every family's progress for six to nine months through an Integrated Case Management process.

Sometimes children live apart from their parents, but still see them regularly. Access Support Workers supervise these types of visits and, where needed, transport children to and from the visit. They also relay any important observations back to the referring Social Worker.

A family support worker and an MCFD Social Worker visit the family's home and offer the parents an intensive, short-term skill-building program.

In collaboration with family members the Support and Social Workers attempt to build on the family's existing strengths and community connections, resolve their issues and create ties with other community services.

A thorough reporting system assesses the families' skills at both the beginning and end of service (generally three months) and determines whether further services are required.

For urgent or short-term situations, we accept Support Facilitation referrals. These include immediate needs like securing housing, applying for financial assistance and connecting to agencies that provide food, clothing or household items.

We also assist families in finding support within their community. Like FDR, this program requires a referral from a Social Worker.

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