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Tri-Cities Early Years Services provide a range of easily accessible child-centered, community-based services for children 0-6 years old and their families.

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About Early Years

Our communities are filled with vibrant and dynamic children and parents, but the simple truth is that parenting can be tough, very tough. It is important to acknowledge that as parents we don’t need to sit alone in our separate corners of parenting, knowing it is hard and confusing at times, when instead we can come together to overcome some of the challenges and best-support our children’s well-being.

We understand that the journey of parenthood is punctuated with varying levels of needs and vulnerability and parents and families do not fall into discrete categories of ‘vulnerable’ and ‘not-vulnerable’. When given a little extra help, families can access direct services that are needed most and can build a solid foundation to overcome challenges that arise during a child’s early years.

How We Help

Our Early Years programs provide a range of easily accessible, child-centered, community-based services for children 0-6 years old and their families. Programs take place in multiple locations in the Tri-Cities and Ridge Meadows communities and at various times during the week. All programs are free and do their best to accommodate families’ diverse cultural and linguistic needs while working to reduce potential barriers (special needs, childcare, time, and location).

In addition to Healthy Babies, we offer several Early Years programs:

  1. Young Parents Program
  2. Family Resource Programs (in Tri-Cities only)
  3. Family Navigation and Outreach
  4. Parent Education Workshops and Support Groups

Young Parents Program

The transition into parenthood isn’t easy for anyone, and we know it can be particularly difficult for parents under the age of 25. Our Young Parents Program specializes in helping young families who could use some extra support, child development information, and referrals to other programs. This program is free and available for parents under the age of 25 with children aged six and younger. Families do not require a referral to access this program.  

In this program, parents meet one-on-one with a support worker who has experience in family support and early childhood. Together, parents and our experienced support workers will spend time strengthening parenting skills, learning new ways to support their child’s development, and connect to the community. We also offer educational workshops and parent support groups, providing the opportunity for peer-to-peer connection, sharing, and learning.

Family Resource Programs

Our Family Resource Program meets in-person weekly and provides a welcoming and fun environment for families to bond and to learn. We offer play-based learning, early learning and literary resources, parent education, and can make referrals to other services when needed. It’s a great opportunity to meet other families who you can relate to. We welcome all parents and caregivers with children 0-6 years old.

Family Navigation and Outreach

We know there are an overwhelming number of resources in our community and it’s not always clear how to navigate the system. Our team of Family Navigators are here to guide you in the right direction. In addition to navigating the system with you, our staff provide one-on-one emotional support and provide ways to connect with the community.  

This program does not require a referral. If this program would be helpful to you, our Family Navigators are available to support you.

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Parent Education Workshops and Support Groups

We offer numerous parenting workshops and support groups. In addition to providing access to parenting resources, these programs offer opportunities to connect with your children and with other parents.

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