Vancouver Family Preservation Services

Our Vancouver centre provides intensive, in-home parent support and education programs to families and children (aged 0-15) in Vancouver.

All programs are free of charge. To see our up to date schedule of dates, times and locations in your area, see our Events Calendar.

My Westcoast worker was wonderful. She helped my family grow into the loving unit it always should have been.

These services, available to families referred through MCFD, provide goal-oriented home based services to prevent out of home placements and reduce risks within families.

We also help children who have been in care reconnect with their families. Families are assigned a Family Counsellor who can respond quickly if needed, provide therapeutic and educational interventions and connect the family to professional and community-based resources.

These services help family members develop the resources, goals and skills they need to keep their family together.

Individual Family Preservation and Reunification Services are services provided directly to clients by a Family Counsellor and are delivered primarily in the home. A Family Counsellor provides support to families through assessment, parenting skills, counselling, connecting to communities and addressing concrete needs.

Additional specialized therapeutic interventions may be provided by another clinician working directly with the Family Counsellor. The Family Counsellor and Resource Worker support families by providing a range of services to address a variety of needs.

Referrals are often made to contracted services deemed necessary, including:

  • homemaker services (practical training and support for parents' in-home management and routines)
  • child and youth care one-to-one workers (available for children up to 15 as well as teens in continuing care)
  • doula services (in-home help for expectant and new parents)
  • mediation (primarily parent/teen)

We offer therapy services to address personal and relationship issues for adults and play therapy for children, including PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy).

Available for parents and their children in foster care, these visits ensure safety and include parent education and training.

These groups provide parenting education and skill development as well as therapeutic topics.


Kids Have Stress Too!® 

For Parents who have a child between the ages of 2-8 years who is exhibiting signs and symptoms of stress and/or anxiety, such as in concentration, getting along with others, health issues, fearfulness, or showing repetitive worrying behaviours

New schedule coming soon.


Join us for a comprehensive program to learn about the experience of separation/divorce for children and obtain skills, strategies, resources and support for effective co-parenting..

Receive information about the needs of parents, children and families coping with separation and divorce.

Increase understanding of the developmental needs of children for self-esteem and security.

Strategies for improving communication, resolving conflict and managing day-to-day children's issues between parenting partners.

For more information please contact
Anna Johnson or Diane Montgomery
Tel. 604.254.5457 ext 238

Please download the Fall 2018 schedule here.



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